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Online Supply and Dispensing of Medicines: Is it a Threat?

There is a big debate on many online pharmacy and medicine websites today. The debate centers on the positive and negative use of online supply and dispensing of medicine. There are different schools of thoughts about it on legal online pharmacies. However, one of the most significant things to consider is if it is inevitable or not.

There are different arguments about this online and offline. Some of the argument is on the fact that online supply and dispensing of medicine may risk patient health.Many believe that distance pharmaceutical companies undermine the regulations that safeguard the validation of proper medicine dispensing which is often complied with by brick and mortar pharmaceutical stores. They believe that patients’ health lies at risk.

The unavailability of their video consultation could keep the company ignorant of visual signs that could be critical in understanding the kind of treatment a patient requires. In addition to this, it is evaluated that patients with existing health conditions can worsen their health without a professional guide if the medicine is dispensed remotely.

Another argument is that there can be events of dispense errors. Since the pharmacy is miles away, there could be possibilities of delivery delays, which could further risk the patient’s life. Also, there are growing concerns on the issues of confidentiality, safety, security, and reliability. Even if the medication mitigates the health issues of the patient, the lack of regular contact with the pharmacy can exacerbate the health risks.

While these fears linger, other opinions show the new technologies available today have revamped community pharmacy. The argument on new technology provides that online dispensing of medicines is an opportunity to improve the healthcare system. It is believed that it could be a drive for a change that no doubt makes health care accessible to everyone regardless of location or access to a physical store. A pharmacy operated online, it’s believed, will make a huge difference in patient care.

There are recently developed ways to obtain medicines online. These means help pharmacies to order online and also get technicians to work easily. So far, the new technology has been used to administer health care services during the pandemic, and even before it, online supply and dispensing of medicine can revolutionize health care for good.

Pharmacies can also establish primary care networks (PCNs) which function to link communities and patients together to promote access to them. Aside from access to them, it can be used to gather volunteers for future community health care outreaches.

This argument extends to the ability of the community pharmacies to become independent groups. By this, individuals can review previous health conditions, receive diagnoses, and attend to their health treatment on their own.

Through this, there will be a reduction in people’s vulnerability. Closely tied to this is the wave of stimulation that will improve the state of the sector.

Thus, while many believe that online supply and dispense of medicine will risk everything pharmaceutical companies are established for, many other people hold a conflicting opinion. However, what is certain is that the digitalization of the pharmaceutical sector appears inevitable.