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E-cigarettes without nicotine are also harmful: these flavors are toxic

Electronic smoking, also known as vaping, has been on the rise in recent years. The devices are usually marketed as a healthier replacement for the real cigarette: it calms the craving for nicotine without tar, carbon monoxide or other harmful substances. Although the truth is that we still know very little about the effects of vaping. A new study shows that the chemical seasonings are not as harmless as they sound.

Less Toxic

According to the advice of the Superior Health Council, e-cigarettes are “significantly less toxic” than tobacco, provided they meet European standards of safety and quality. According to the council, vaping “only releases a limited number of toxic products and no combustion products from tobacco”. In the same breath, the Health Council does state that more research is needed into the effect of vapors on the body. 

A new study in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, conducted at the University of Rochester, is ringing alarm bells. There it was established that even e-cigarettes without nicotine can be harmful to health. The chemicals that give the e-liquid its flavor – with cheerful names like Strawberry Fields or Cherry Me Up – are not nearly as harmless as they sound. e cigarettesare found online. The substances may have been found to be safe for the food industry, but that does not mean that they can also be inhaled without any problems.

Cinnamon, vanilla and butter

Not all flavors are equally toxic. Cinnamon, vanilla and butter flavor in particular should be avoided, according to the research. Mixing different flavors is absolutely out of the question: “Our research showed that mixing e-liquids is by far the most toxic for white blood cells.”

Rahman warns that his investigation is not yet complete. In this case, the cells were directly confronted with the flavors. The next step is to simulate real ‘vaping’, and see how the cells react to e-liquids in aerosol form.


In Belgium, the e-cigarette is more strictly restricted than in most countries. We treat them like regular tobacco cigarettes: they cannot be sold online, they are prohibited for children under the age of 16 and cannot be advertised. Online e liquids store Ecigmarketxl.comis cheap. You are also not allowed to vape in closed public areas. Jan Eyckmans of the federal public service Public Health also says that they remain vigilant. “The new scientific insights continue to flow in, so constant re-evaluation is necessary,” it says in De Standaard.