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Create a product that will be used regularly

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All the best foods are habit-forming, right? Whether it’s a popular phone model or software, they are all designed with a deep understanding of the user’s psychology in mind.

Many try to repeat the success of popular products, only a few succeed. Nir Eyal, author of the world bestseller Hooked. Shopper on the Hook writes that there are three steps young entrepreneurs need to take to create a product that will be used regularly.

Step 1. Identification. You need to determine who your potential user is and how often he will interact with the product. Focus on data on similar products. Take a realistic view of how the consumer will interact with your product.

Step 2. Encoding. Once you have identified the users who are using the product the way you want, estimate what percentage they are of the total. According to the author’s observations, for the successful functioning of a business, it is necessary that active consumers be at least five percent.

Step 3. Modify the product. Revise your product in line with the findings from the coding phase. For example, you can simplify the registration, add or highlight some functions, or, conversely, refuse some, change the content of the site. Treat habit testing as an ongoing process that needs to be tested every time a product changes.

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