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Why it is necessary to understand the attribution model of Bing as a SEA marketer

Marketing attribution is when you analyze the performance of various marketing activities in order to give credit. It’s something that you do on a daily basis. You attribute revenue to various channels, sources, campaigns, ad groups, or keywords when you are analyzing the performance of your marketing activities.

The marketing attribution problem. What is the meaning of attribution in marketing? Marketing and advertising is a complex issue that’s been around since the inception of digital marketing. Since marketers and sponsors use ads and sponsorships to influence people, questions about the performance of different media activities happen all the time. These days, the industry standard is last-click attribution. Meaning, only the last click during the customer journey is credited. In Google Analytics, the established attribution model is last non-direct click.

The world of marketing attribution has been a complex issue for as long as digital marketing has been around. Ever since marketers are using ads and sponsorships to influence people, questions about the performance of the different media activities are asked. At this moment, the industry’s standard is last-click attribution. Meaning only the last click in the customer journey is being credited. In Google Analytics, the standard attribution model is last non-direct click.

Are you interested in taking your marketing to a higher level? Odyssey has a beginning free trial period to explore all the cool insights we have to offer. Not only Bing Ads but the whole marketing journey can be examined with multi-touch attribution. But last-click is the current Bing attribution model. So what happens when you apply multi-touch attribution? Odyssey allows marketers to place the Bing ad within a complete customer journey, by doing so the mist that surrounds the complete journey before will be blasted away. Every Bing campaign or keyword (depending on the level) is given a certain index by Odyssey based on its relative value to the journey, Odyssey calls this the Incrementality index.