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FIFA 21 – The Headliners Are Here

FIFA 21 has rolled out the Headliners collection. This is a recurring program. The first batch of FIFA 21 Headliners is available starting with the 1st of January. If you are not familiar with the program from previous game editions or if you want a quick recap, we got you covered. Headliners players are found in game packs. The first batch, Team 1, is already available. Stay tuned for Team 2 that goes live on January 8th. There will also be Headliners items that are obtained by completing specific squad building challenges and objectives. You should follow FIFA 21 on social media to find out when these activities become available.


The Headliners collection includes the players that are most likely to be the talk of the season. This includes players that are in great shape, players that show tremendous potential, players that have changed teams, and players that are set to make a comeback. The Headliners collection features dynamic cards. Dynamic player items change over the course of the game. The Headliners dynamic cards change when the player and/or the team he is part of has an outstanding performance. The upgrade is permanent. As you can see, these cards can turn into amazing items that will add great value to your team.


When the program begins, the players from this selection will be available in their in-form card that is higher than the last qualifying performance in-form from collections such as Team of the Week, Hero of the Group Stage, Man of the Month, and Team of the Group Stage. The Headliner item will upgrade when the players they represent get a performance in-form. This is done to make sure that the Headliner item will always be one in-form in front for the rest of the season. There is one more upgrade that is achieved when the player’s club gets four consecutive wins for games in the domestic league. In case this happens, the card will have two in-forms over the last performance in-form item. The first Headliners team includes some awesome cards such as 91 OVR Bruno Fernandes. Imagine the OVR and attributes of this item if it receives upgrades. We also have 87 OVR striker Ben Yedder and 86 OVR center forward Joao Felix that already have great stats. Don’t miss the chance to get these players and don’t forget that if you need more FIFA 21 coins you can always easily get them from FUTeamGO!