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Automatic number plate recognition: What you should know

The automatic number plate recognition system is pretty self explanatory in what it is and what it does. It’s also known as ANPR for short, it is a technological structure that surveys the number plates on vehicles to extract data from them and save it. Of course, this system is not available for just anyone to purchase. Law enforcement officials are most known to be using automatic number plate recognition because of how much more efficient it makes their jobs. It can also be used by businesses for business site management.

How does ANPR work?

The ANPR system is made up of a few key parts. The most important part is the camera. The camera is what recognizes the number plates and takes pictures of them, automatically as the vehicles pass by. Then there is the optical character recognition software system. When the camera takes pictures of the number plates, the character recognition software system then analyzes the pictures and extracts the information that is needed. Then finally, there is the database. In the database, the information that the character recognition software extracts is saved. Then it can be accessed easily whenever it is needed. 

What purpose does ANPR serve?

The automatic number plate recognition system can serve different purposes, it all depends on who is the one using it. If it’s the businesses using it for business site management it can be used to manage the parking lot. The ANPR can make sure to catch anyone who isn’t abiding by the parking lot rules. 

If the ANPR is used by law enforcement, the system serves a lot of other purposes. Law enforcement officials can use the automatic number plate recognition system to locate vehicles that were reported stolen or are missing. They can also monitor certain areas that have a lot of criminal activity. And, they can even use it to help find wanted criminals by examining the criminal database with the number plate database for any breakthroughs.

Want to learn more?

ANPR serves an important purpose in traffic management, and as the years go by, it will become more and more advanced. Soon enough it will be used in a lot more different ways. If you want to learn more about ANPR, check out for extra information.