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DIY Home Sports Bar Ideas

Sports bar are light and noisy places where people can come together to watch and discuss sports events while enjoying alcoholic beverages. While most sports bar are extensive areas with multiple TVs, neon signs and sports memorabilia, you can scale the basic idea to build a small bar in your home. Fancy Sports Bar Go all out and put a large room in your own personal sports bar as budget and […]

Bar Design Ideas For Basement

7 Tips to creative Bar Basement Design Ideas

A bar basement is often seen as a lost space. A place where you put all the stuff you will never use. But a basement can be more than a glorified garbage. More than that you can make your bar basement an extra living space. You furnish the basement cinema room, lounge, wine cellar, bar, gym, office, man cave, it’s all possible. These cellars provide a lot of inspiration. 1. […]

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9 Encouraging Industrial Restaurant Bar

9 Encouraging Industrial Restaurant Bar – Materials choices are fundamental in maintaining an effective project plus the selected materials should be used in ways that enhance their inherent properties (tension, compression, flexibility, etc) while staying true in order to the design. A project like ‘Kite Bar’, which reflects the social variability found in bar discussions alongcharacteristics found in traditional kite making, needs to have playful qualities. Oriental have board (OSB) […]

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Best Restaurant and Nightclub Design

Award winning Big Time restaurant and nightclub Design Studios: a seamless combination of design, environmental art, fashion, music, branding and creativity; Bigtime restaurant and nightclub Design is most known for high concept, high style public space environments. Designers are drawn to stylish visuals That command attention and leave a lasting impression. Our primary goal is always thoughtful solutions That Effectively communicate the essential spirit of space. We strive for design […]